LOC Destructions Presents: A Screenwriter's Nightmare

A Screenwriter's Nightmare is an existential elephant-fuck created in 8 hours. A shitty screenwriter suffering from writer's-block dreams the end to a story with his two favorite characters: the strong man on the girl's bike and the skating man in the bath robe. As his reality is reflected in his dreams, his dreams blend into his reality until he is not sure which is which. Are his characters writing the story or is he?

As is the custom with Left of Centre projects, the only sane individual in the bunch, in this case the actor playing the strong man, attempted to mediate the belligerent Los Bros as they argued over trivialities and prematurely ceased filming in order to continue fighting. Fortunately, art and an extended editing process heals all...

LOC Destructions is an independent film production company. LOC writes, directs, produces and acts in award-missing independent films.

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