Left of Centre Destructions Theatre

Welcome to the LOC Destructions Theatre. Several recent LOC films and trailers are available for viewing below. Click on the thumbnails to view them here.

Dancing Duality
The Watcher
Making Things. Happen.
The World in Reverse
St. Peter and Bird
The Walking Disjointed
(5/17/2011 K's Bday)
Bounce. Bounce.
Animals Skating in Detroit #7 Animals Skating in Detroit #3 Head Face Thing
Videofitti 2011, Yo.
Contemporary Archetypes of Transformation
Readings: Somnambulism
I Want You To Know Something
Experiments In Classical Mechanics III
Experiments In Classical Mechanics IV
Experiments In Classical Mechanics II
Experiments In Classical Mechanics
Post Industrial Opus 59
The Man
The Intelligible Realm Revisited
Space From My Moon House Window
The Medium is the Me(a)ssage
A Chat With Robert Smith
Anaglyph Experiments
The Moose
Wealth of Nations
Sound In Landscape (2/26/10)
Two Minutes Hate (2/4/10) The Method of Factors (12/15/09) Three Poems (11/17/09) Self-Portrait of An Artist
ROC (Full Version)
Metric Sick Muse
A Molly Ringwald Experiment
The Caterpillar
The Reverie
Gondshort X: Magenta Lines
Gondshort IX: Airplanes
Gondshort VIII: Dancing In Air
Gondshort VII: Later Skater
Gondshort VI: Tommy Rocks
Gondshort V: Man Planet
Gondshort IV: Fat Tongue Video
Gondshort III: Shopping
Gondshort II: Murder at 3397
Gondshort I: The Strange Y&O Box
A Screenwriter's Nightmare
Dead and Alive: A Zombie Love Triangle
The Demise of the Y Chromosome
May Day Party Invitation
Operation Bunny Suit
Vive Le Monkey Rules Vive Le
Monkey II: Primal Bliss
Vive Le
Monkey II: Deleted Scenes
Vive Le
Monkey III: Channel 2 Coverage
Vive Le
Monkey III: Trailer
Vive Le Monkey III: Primal Instinct
Meet Mr. Nessuno Mr. Nessuno Raps Rejected Warrior Concept Videos The Pink Ball The Walk Experiment The Walk Experiment II
The Roper Oven Chronicles: Power Trailer The Roper Oven Chronicles: Bella Trailer The Burnsumentary: Trailer The Burnsumentary Mr. Ballistic The Thinker
El Pappi Get a Grip The Crazy Shit-Fuck Random Film Wednesday Death Picnic Written Shock Photoplosion
The Light Frank Meets Julie Chatter Bored & Lonely The Ghost of 984 How to Make People Feel Uncomfortable

Quicktime is required for the viewing of these films.